The Solouro Company is situated in a parish called Louro in the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão. The banker Arthur Cupertino de Miranda has founded it in 1949 and nowadays is still administrated by his descendants.


In 1965, the company was named SOLOURO – Sociedade Agrícola do Louro, S.A., and recently, it was divided in three companies: Solouro-Sociedade Agrícola, S.A.;  Solouro-Vinhos, S.A., and Solouro – Imobiliária. S.A.

In the area of the rural property, named «Casal da Seara» besides the old banker’s house it can be found two more houses named «Casa da Cartucha» and «Casa de Felgueiras», which are surrounded by beautiful gardens, lakes, and a swimming pool.

On its vineyards – almost 30 hectares – we can find the «Loureiro», «Trajadura», and «Pedernã» castes, that origins Solouro’s famous wines - «Mesa do Presidente»; «Casal da Seara»; «Casal Miranda», «Solouro»- which are produced in a modern and well equipped wine cellar.

Recently, in order to develop its variety of products, the company, had introduced in the market its «Vinho Verde Alvarinho», and a red wine from the demarcated region of Douro, both named «Solouro».